Please limit the number of guests inside of the hotel office during check in or any other interaction to                 only one person. The guest whose name the reservation is made under must be the person checking in.

        The person whose credit card was used for the reservation must be the person checking in.



       Due to covid-19, there will be no in room housekeeping services provided during your stay. If you need

       fresh towels or linens, place the dirty ones outside of your door and housekeeping will refresh them 

       and leave them outside of your door.  If there is something specific you need, please inform the

       housekeeping staff and they will be happy to assist you.      


The Holliday Inn Hotel of Folly is an exclusive property where every guest reservation is both important and special to us.


Booking:  Any method of booking is charged 100% of the first nights stay on the day of booking in order to hold the reservation. This fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation.  This is not a deposit, it is payment for the first nights stay. The balance due is collected at check-in. For reservations made 35 days or more in advance, payment in full is required at the time of booking. If you make the reservation and only the first night is collected, the full amount will be charged to your card by the hotel immediately upon receiving the reservation information. If the funds cannot be collected, the reservation will be cancelled.


Cancellations: Cancel,  shorten your stay or check out early,  please understand that we reserve the right to ask you to take responsibility for your entire reservation. If your Reservation was made through a third party site (Expedia, Hotels.com, Travelocity,  Booking.com, etc.) we reserve the right to ask you to take full or partial responsibility for your entire reservation.  

For special events and for some holidays payment in full is required at the time of booking. In these events cancellations 30 days or less are non refundable. Cancellations 30 days or more may be held responsible for 50% of the total reservation.

Check-in: 4:00 PM - 10:00 p.m.  If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.  Arrivals after 12:00 am will be considered a no-show or charged a late check- in fee of $35.00, unless prior arrangements are made with the staff.  Arrivals prior to check in time (4:00 pm) will be charged an early check in fee of $35.00.

 During your stay, we ask that you observe quiet time during the hours of 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m.  This means no excessively loud music or activities in or outside of your room, out of respect for other guests.  You are welcome to move about the property as you wish, we just ask that your activities are not excessively loud.

Check-out: 10:00 p.m. A late check out can be requested for $20 per hour past check out time, and only until

2:00 p.m.


One parking space is provided free per room rented. For guests with visitors, off site parking must be obtained to avoid the vehicle from being towed. 

                                                        Smoking is allowed outside only.      

           $300.00 fee charged for smoking in room.

                         No Pets. Please call for help in making arrangements to board your pet.

                 Unauthorized pet fine $200.00

   Any damages to the contents or structure of the room will be charged to the card used to book the room.

     If you notice any damages upon checking in to the room please let the front desk know immediately.

Housekeeping services are performed daily. If you do not wish for the housekeeping staff to enter your room, you must place the Do Not Disturb sign outside on your door or the housekeeping staff will enter and clean your room.

Maximum number of guests per King/Queen Double is four adults/two children under the age of 18 and per single queen is two adults/two children, under the age of 18. Fines may be assessed if occupancy exceeds maximum per room. Special situations allow for children beyond maximum number per room, please call to make arrangements. Guests must be 21 years of age to reserve a room.

Rates/policies are subject to change and vary during high impact periods and special requests.  


For quicker check in, snap a picture of your license plate number or write it down as it is required at check in.


Please review your confirmation information once you receive the confirmation email.  We cannot issue refunds on reservations made with the wrong dates by mistake. Thank You.