The Holliday Inn of Folly Beach is the perfect location.

Whether you are hosting a birthday pool party, celebrating an anniversary or planning a small wedding, our enclosed porch, poolside patio and barbecue grill are a great spot for social gatherings.

Our enclosed porch features four rooms with two

additional rooms located just outside of the porch area.  Two of these rooms can be rented to adjoin with two other rooms, making the porch

area ideal for a small group stay.

Our poolside patio features beautiful tiles, a stone barbecue pit and a stone walkway. There is a small stone step up to a risen grassy

nook that is perfect for a small wedding ceremony.

All of your guests will have front row seating for your

special day.

For the do it yourself planner,

this area offers an excellent space for family and friends to

congregate and celebrate in the beautiful

ocean breezes of Folly Beach.

With room enough for all, your guests will be delighted to be

a part of your Folly Beach event.

Book now to plan your special occasion

at the edge of America

Folly Beach.