Family Owned & operated



The Holliday Inn is conveniently located two blocks from the ocean. 
We are a four minute walk from the beach and Center Street.

Great Location

The Holliday Inn of Folly Beach has been owned and operated by the Holliday family since 1949. It all started one 4th of July weekend when the current owner's mother decided to rent out rooms in order to make some new friends and extra money to fund improvements on their beach house. The concept remained the same throughout the years and the Holliday Inn of Folly Beach vacation experience expanded from a small 4 room beach bungalow to a multi-building property that includes 2 enclosed common areas, one outdoor covered patio and a vast backyard equipped with a number of patio tables with umbrellas, stone fire pit, and a large swimming pool. This 14 room hotel is an iconic Folly Beach relic that has been well loved by both locals and visitors because they are the only place on the island that still offers the Folly Beach experience people remember from their childhood. The owner  still lives on the property and operates the inn with his dedicated employees who have been with him for 30+ years combined.


This hotel in NO WAY is affiliated with the hotel chain of a similar name and has actually been around longer than they have!

 Images of Folly Beach